its just me, and thats all there is to that , im carol and im with the most amazing person in the world, jared hughes<3 im a mom to a wonderful boy named Aiden Ryder Hughes, and i have Jared to thank for this , i wouldn't change a thing i love it and him and its just one more adventure to take and love step by step, im gonna go into pediatrics,i have no musical talents but i sing all the time , i love music and games, anything else just ask

cunt lookin'

Zombie Cutie

Gengar, Using sprites from HeartGold/SoulSilver, I made my own Gengar animation. Obviously I'm not trying to take credit for the sprites, I'm just trying to animate them best I can with only two frames to work with.


my man meat

some of the best people ive come to know

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First off, Starmie how???
Misty why??? 



Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat