its just me, and thats all there is to that , im carol and im with the most amazing person in the world, jared hughes<3 im a mom to a wonderful boy named Aiden Ryder Hughes, and i have Jared to thank for this , i wouldn't change a thing i love it and him and its just one more adventure to take and love step by step, im gonna go into pediatrics,i have no musical talents but i sing all the time , i love music and games, anything else just ask

cunt lookin'

Zombie Cutie

Gengar, Using sprites from HeartGold/SoulSilver, I made my own Gengar animation. Obviously I'm not trying to take credit for the sprites, I'm just trying to animate them best I can with only two frames to work with.


my man meat

some of the best people ive come to know

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Oh these pies aren’t homemade, they were made in a factory.
A bomb factory.
They’re bombs.

who the fuck thought up the plot for this episode



If you ever feel ignored, just remember that Mary Kate and Ashley have another sister named Elizabeth


she’s playing the scarlet witch in the avengers now. how the tables have turned

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Lets play True or False. Leave me a message in my ask, and ill answer it with a true or false.

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Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat